Lenovo tonight announced the completion of the acquisition of 2 billion 900 million Motorola Mobile

Mar 8, 2017 ijtbcwii


October 30th, Lenovo Group announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobile has been approved by the national government, Motorola mobile officially became Lenovo Group’s assets.

Lenovo Group will become the world’s third smartphone manufacturers, second only to Samsung and Apple Corp.

at the beginning of this year, Lenovo announced that it will acquire $2 billion 900 million from Google’s Motorola mobile business, nearly 10 months of review, today will finally announce the completion of the acquisition. It is reported that Lenovo after the completion of the acquisition, the motorcycle’s 3500 employees, holds a total of 2000 patents, as well as Motorola mobile brand and trademark portfolio, by Liu Jun control.

said that Google acquired through the transaction of $2 billion 910 million, at first only get $660 million in cash, $750 million Lenovo Group shares, the remaining $1 billion 500 million will be paid on a three – year note. (Ye Fengtao)

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