Fourteen common questions and answers in SEO training

Mar 8, 2017 uzfthmxj

comparison of the common SEO problems to sort out. I hope you do not repeat the question again.

part of the problem with " Baidu " as a representative, the answer is equally effective in YAHOO and Google and other engines.

Q & A is purely personal opinion. Limited to the time and space, so the problem is only an overview, the details of the question has not been answered. For reference only.


frequently asked questions: my site is http://s.www.****.com who help me optimize it?

similar problems: I do * * * * website keywords, how to optimize the page *


reference answer: I am sorry, too general topic, in general we will not reply. Please refer to the SEO information optimization. Details, we can communicate with.


common problems: different domain name suffix on the SEO have an impact on the


similar problem: do SEO domain name is good or net? Org domain name?


reference answer: gov (National Organization) and org (non profit public interest groups) and edu (educational institutions) are more likely to get the trust of the engine. Com is used by commercial organizations most corn, net belongs to network organization, CN is our country’s top corn. The three do the station should not have what distinction do not deliberately pursue. This choice should also be com.



FAQ: how can I get Baidu to update my site every day?

similar question: how can I make the engine update my site quickly?

Reference answer:

can be achieved, the premise is you must update every day website. Or a little difficulty. The new Baidu may be some time before the day, to achieve the old station can only rely on the update and a large number of high quality connection. In addition, Baidu update to the news source quickly, usually within 20 minutes of collection of new content.


frequently asked questions: do not pay attention to the site when the user experience SEO


similar problem: in the search results in the initiative to click on their own web site rankings have an impact on


reference answer: as far as possible to ensure the quality of the site, not for the SEO and seo. user experience is to have influence on the site. In the SERP will also influence the midpoint of their station, but need more users to click multiple IP effect is obvious. Do stand when you can put some pictures and flash proper, but as the rational use of label.


frequently asked questions: do you use multiple domains to improve your rankings?

similar problem: if the site has multiple domain names on seo>

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