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Mar 8, 2017 lqqehqsj

do a few years stand, feel the station is more and more bad to do, come back to take care of the local station.

jintang.net, is my 05 years to build a station, more than 2 years, the site is basically supported by the forum.

07 years in June, my friend back to Jintang, ready to engage in advertising with me, of course, online advertising is also included, it is natural, jintang.net is the backbone of our online advertising in Jintang.

now entered, I talk about how to promote jintang.net.

1, Internet advertising


first, we talk about the boss and the Internet, is probably the case, the cafe wall replaced all our website advertising, basically every Internet cafes have 2 side walls, in more than 10 square feet, this is not to the Internet people, is to the outside passers-by, Internet cafes in every computer lock home, 2 month payment each month, we did 5 Internet cafes, paid a total of 2400 yuan, forgot to say, wall advertising printing is 9 yuan a square meter, and the installation fee of 5 yuan a square meter, so an Internet cafe needs nearly 200 yuan. To the cafe owner money is not every month, only first months later, do not give up, because the competition is not fierce, you do not give money, no walls, no one case of competition the boss could not demoting him, and then spend money on a new wall painting, at least we have not met.

2, tricycle tricycle, no advertising posts, there may be some places, but I think we have seen, we made 200 tricycles, 10 yuan for 3 months, one of our county is only 1500 cars, an average of 7 car three had our advertising a, this. Spent 2000 yuan.

3, Youting ad


This is our advertising agency

postal advertising, so we are the wholesale price, the cost is the cost of printing, we made 7 Youting, with less than 300 yuan, if the foreign price is 400 yuan / month × 7× 2 months =5600 yuan. We selected a large flow of 7 Youting do their own website advertising.

4, brochure.

our company issued a booklet of DM, circulation of 10 thousand copies, with 2 full page jintang.net ads, of course, the price is 400 yuan one, the cost is 800 yuan.

5, large outdoor


our company’s great outdoors, we are on a total of 2, another larger than 75 square meters, there is no camera.

for 1 months, the market price is $1500 / month and $2000 per month, of course,

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