How to define a good web promotion

Mar 8, 2017 ijtbcwii

site selection is generally used WebUnion 123 tools, you can view detailed information alliance website, website traffic data and advertising size, can see. Baidu said that there are more than and 60 10000 alliance website, but our 123 inside can only see 3 10000, should be selected out of the tens of thousands of relatively stable, high reputation, large traffic sites. These more than 30 thousand sites accounted for the vast majority of the show share, so to select the Union website, you can choose from.


on the web promotion sometimes, strange phenomenon. Look at the data report, a website is a show and consumption, but to enter the site, but can not find the designated advertising. This may be web promotion advertising does not have in the home, there may be two or three sub page, or the page content. In addition, due to the alliance owners to manage their own advertising, there are still a few days ago there are advertising, a few days after the cancellation of the situation.

is often suspended, patches and fixed image promotion group have chosen all the site category, but the number of sites is different. Because a group show type promotion for suspension, so the choice of site category is the only support form of suspension type website, show another promotion group is fixed, so the site category is supported on the fixed form the site, from the number, the number of fixed support form the site to site number than to support the suspension form a lot more, less support patch.

in so many advertising, how to define a good advertising position, the quality of the advertising position is how to set?

first, the site’s home page or important page traffic, but does not mean attention. All of the home page, including Baidu’s home page is the main purpose of quickly guide users to enter the sub page.

second, three level and four level sub pages, page flow even deeper without home high, but users may be more objective (for example, in the Baidu search for a word to a website, search more specific questions, needs more clearly, the search results in web pages are also three level Four level page).

finally, the quality of advertising page location in the traditional sense (home page, etc., is a lot of banner) the site sold out, there is no network alliance. The meaning of alliance form is the use of long tail page traffic. Union website can not put on your own website all pages alone sell out, so our most convenient for users is the wholesale long tail traffic. Because the page (home page, column etc.) to form alliances will not sell, so the price should be long tail traffic than home, but this is to look at what sites to set.

so the quality of advertising, can not just look at the page and position, the final definition of quality, or the actual conversion. Although the amount of conversion and a lot of factors related to the relationship with the advertising is not too large, but the quality of the transformation of the advertising must be good. < >

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