Seven content strategies to improve website value

Mar 8, 2017 soededej

2013, the Internet era of rapid development, and various levels of poor sites have sprung up, then gradually lead to the Internet the deteriorating ecological environment, in order to improve this situation, Baidu search engine gradually realize the original spark program, the development environment gradually give the site better, and gradually improve the user experience, show the most valuable information in the search results in the page, allowing users to shorten the search time, make high quality content to show, the Internet to create a good ecological environment. Thus, content strategy needs more and more attention to the marketing strategy content, we need to know what? The author summarizes seven kinds of content strategy here, hope to explore the interaction with colleagues, common progress.


1, instant content

instant content is the content of the full display of what happened at the moment. Of course, real-time content strategy must be timely and effective, if things have occurred in record value, must be the first time to complete the content writing, the reason is that the difference is reported for the first time and the second time reported was far larger than we expected, the price is not the same. On the contribution of soft paper, the content of the adoption of real-time audit rate has been improved, it is easier to get recognition and support. Not only that, on the search engine, the instant content of the time, whether it is ranked or bring the effect of the flow is far greater than the reproduced or the same type of article.

2, timeliness content

Timeliness of

content is to have the highest value in a certain period of time within the specific content, the timeliness of the content is more and more valued by marketers, and gradually be used to maximize its profits, marketers use the timeliness of creating valuable content is displayed to the user. Things all have certain timeliness, have certain popularity degree of concern during a certain period of time, as a qualified marketing, must be a reasonable grasp and use this time to create a theme, content rich. Timeliness of content for Baidu search engine is also very seriously, the search results page also make full use of timeliness.

3, persistent content

continuous content refers to the content of gold content is not subject to changes in time, no matter what the time period is not subject to the limitations of timeliness. Persistent content as a mainstay in content strategy, had to pay close attention to. The value of continuous content is continuous, persistent content has been the main content of the rich web site, in a large number of different types of content to occupy a certain share. The Baidu search engine, the contents of the long time, the ranking results compared well, bring the flow is immeasurable, so marketers are increasingly concerned about the sustainable development and enrich the content.

4, hot content

hot content that a certain period of time, the rapid increase in the amount of search, rising popularity concerns. The rational use of hot events can quickly drive the website

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