Ant PK elephant to see the contest between the small webmaster and big site

Mar 8, 2017 jsbaengf

XN (2007, SouFun to temporarily use XN instead of a city) in the city towards, marching before this XN not a basic operation of the real estate website, a very simple rental site is established in two months ago. SouFun menacing, filthy rich, just one month’s time on the establishment of a XN is SouFun, SouFun XN City sub station! Within a month, they collected all of the city’s real estate business, recruiting…. soon from Beijing to the director personally on the array. Suddenly encountered such a thing really makes me think of that time some be taken by surprise, have blown up the scalp, there is no way, they attack cattle, rich, overwhelming outdoor, newspapers, television advertising, is not accounted for by the XN does not give up the spirit! Don’t put there too, after all I still want to participate in the real estate market network!

actually do is not a lot of things, summed up is so few points:

1, make the website more simple: XN rental network after repeated pondering, only: "rent, lease, purchase, sale" so four plates! What information is not essential, becomes more simple, more direct, simple and easy to operate a website, because it is quite difficult for the network friends is operating the website, the network technology is a strange thing.

2, and the combination of website resources: XN rental housing information network used in my community and another one of the most powerful XN in the local community, and there is some local website content of complementary cooperation! And opened a QQ group, the popularity of the super


3, according to the effective line promotion: relation of neighborhood and community, the community convenience bar with a piece of A4 paper formal written letters, "XX rental network — all free, no intermediary, XX the most popular rental websites! +http://s.www. URL +", is not the city, spent hundreds of dollars, to find a few students, every day for forty or fifty dollars, two or three days of publicity covering the


4, the interaction and cooperation is very important: invite some industry insiders and friends gather and share the real estate industry, held several times after the party was attracted to the real estate bureau and some other units of government attention, because before I engaged in the media industry, and so the local newspapers and television stations of more familiar, to our website they provide some data, they also promote our website in the use of data at the same time.

The most important

5, website reputation: continuous propaganda, makes some people began to try the release of housing information, the website immediately highlighted the "fast, practical and convenient" advantage, brought benefits to the publisher, and word of mouth. I know a XN television host, have a house to rent, released in the XN online rental in the morning, the afternoon after the release of information to rent the house out, efficient and practical for the website he shed profound influence, and he also helped me website >

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