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Mar 8, 2017 tvsbpdsa

today to explain how to promote novices with a short video website, this method is applicable to professional site and type of entertainment website, the forum can also refer to, but the effect is relatively poor.

a lot of people have asked me "how didn’t you make network propaganda, why have so high flow?" is actually very simple, do video to promote, in every department I upload the video clips, I added the "www.yibangjx.com", as a result, have seen the video of the user will have to enter look at the site of impulse. Compared to the conventional promotion, to save time and effort.

Youku, potatoes and other video sites are very popular, our goal is to add a watermark to the video uploaded to these sites is enough.

so how to select the video?

, of course, is the choice of targeted video, for example, you are a magic site, try to find some magic video. You are the type of entertainment sites, they try to find some awesome gossip. The length of the video, video to control in 2 minutes, why do you say that? Because we want to win, you won’t be able to engage in a period of 40.50 minutes and then do video editing and promotion? Especially the entertainment type of station, the user curiosity doesn’t allow you to drag mud with water. So the control in the short 2 minutes is the most appropriate.

sources where


sources that there is not a problem, you can find a click on any of the video site rate is high and not be playing on the video watermarking, and then through the RealPlayer11 "download this video recording function. If you want to get some of the domestic video, you can choose to go to YOUTUBE to see, that the novelty will be more. Download this video feature is generally in the beginning of the video, the mouse moved to the video screen for about 3 seconds will appear in the top right of the video, click on it can be downloaded, compared to other recording software to facilitate. If you install RealPlayer11, if it is lower than this version, please upgrade to this version (


before I let you choose within 2 minutes of the film, another reason is to improve the download rate, a short film, basic dozens of seconds can fix, and later add watermark, 5 minutes will be completed. As for the watermark tool, we can Baidu search under the Watermark Master v2.2.8 special edition, very easy to use.

video download is complete, add watermark, can upload video, register a number on Youku, potatoes, a two minute film for a while can be uploaded and then audit. Audit is a process, want to have patience, to do at least a day, I made 5 video about a day, if the day of the video Madden, brought traffic that was crashed, and the video will be posted, the flow will increase. Days and months multiplying.

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