Didi taxi subsidies ranging from 12 to 20 can be awarded WeChat aircraft game high end fighter

Mar 8, 2017 kpzhojlh


didi taxi subsidies ranging from 12 to $20 can be awarded WeChat aircraft game high-end fighter

February 18th news, today, to upgrade the taxi software competition, Didi taxi and pay WeChat announced today to zero on game subsidies mode: didi taxi and WeChat pay per can get random subsidies ranging from 12~20 yuan, 3 times a day. At the same time didi taxi announced a joint game with Tencent, will use a taxi didi taxi times per week to pay more than 10 times the user, given the WeChat game universal aircraft wars in the high-end fighter aircraft 1. Didi taxi said, is expected to send 1 million aircraft in the next week.

didi taxi this move is seen as a quick taxi to raise subsidies to 11 yuan, more than competitors will be more than $1 response strategy. Not only in the amount of subsidies on the taxi faster than 11 yuan to raise at least $1, but also with WeChat game integrated marketing.

didi taxi operators and Tencent vice president Zhang Jing said, giving the game game props, Didi taxi WeChat paid a third wave of important activities in marketing activities, so both teams are in close communication and cooperation in the past month. Zhang Jing said that the future of didi and Tencent group will have more exciting cross-border cooperation sector.

it is understood that the Tencent are worth 300 diamonds, game player can permanently have Griffin war, another attached 8888 gold, 200 diamonds, and the bomb, super fanatical drive game equipment, the equipment total value of more than 100 yuan. Extended reading:

is always better than peers more than 1 dollars this morning: didi taxi subsidies rose to 12 yuan taxi fast COO Zhao Dong: burn subsidies no end date of fast taxi subsidies to upgrade to 11 yuan said never higher than their peers a yuan didi taxi and WeChat third activity hit 1 billion subsidy to passengers 10 yuan

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