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Mar 8, 2017 khmexore

in August 1st, after more than 3 months of suffering, the street library CEO Pan Qiuhui again through asset delivery, payment of nearly 30 employees wages, while another 50 people will be paid in place in August 2nd.

yesterday (August 1st), the daily economic news reporter has 5 times to call Pan Qiuhui cell phone, the other party or show is in the call, or directly hang up. The director of the office of the street network, Miss Lee told reporters, said: at present, pan is raising funds around, ready in the afternoon of August 2nd, pay the wages of employees in June. Street library network currently has about 80 employees."

it is understood that since March this year, the 8 city street network outlets has been reduced to Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan 3, the number of employees was reduced to now more than 80 people from about 300 people, in the process of discouraging employees, the company has caused many disputes, once triggered rumours that Pan Qiuhui escaped run ".

street library network, this is known as the May 2012 two PE a total of 100 million yuan capital injection, February 2013 B round of refinancing 200 million yuan of the company, the passive situation in April 2013 are in shortage of funds, slimming self-help


in the capital chain crisis

April 25, 2013, the street library network board finally made a let Pan Qiuhui and many executives have unexpected resolution: discouraging employees, contraction of business city, reason is unable to place funds.

to this day, the streets of the library network has 300 branches nationwide more than 8 employees. Because of existing management early Guangxi Huaxia Morgan Equity Investment Fund Limited (hereinafter referred to as Huaxia Morgan) 200 million yuan investment agreement, the management of the company in February and March to make business expansion plans and layout in accordance with the 100 million investment plan. However, until the end of April, China Morgan’s investment has not yet been put in place, the company in the financial crisis.

this street library network for a large number of out of work, from March to May, the staff reduced from nearly 300 people to more than and 120 people. In May after discouraging, until the end of July, only the remaining 80 employees. The move caused a serious protest from employees, the voices of criticism from the social networking sites such as micro-blog.

in May 2013, there are users on the network issued a "Street Library Network owed my annual salary," the post, posting claiming to be the staff of the library network. According to the exposed material, said the company is annual salary every month, thousands of yuan, to the later reissue, but has been dragging not to.

July 10th, the media reported that the street network funds Lianduanlie once financing 200 million yuan, the valuation of 920 million yuan, was once known as the "dark horse" of the street library network is now threatened by growing crises, investors withdrew, team fall apart, the company difficult.

, however, after Pan Qiuhui told the daily economic news reporter, said the company is in contraction front >

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