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Mar 8, 2017 ddmycvlj

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 28th news, there are deep copyright news headlines today is planning to launch today sale business channel recently.

it is understood that today the sale "is used in the form of electricity supplier shopping guide: the promotion of business activities in the user click today sale on the map, will jump to the business in the Jingdong, Tmall, vip.com, No. 1 shop business platform shop. Specific process is: the user clicks on the promotion of business activities to enter the channel page, and then click on a single product to enter the details of the page, and finally click on the link to jump to other electronic business platform to complete the purchase.

it is worth noting that today’s headlines of the implementation of the electricity supplier, the model is still using Taobao off the commission model, which is the form of CPS settlement commission. So did the curious, since there is a lesson why continue CPS? Before mogujie.com, said the beautiful are also using this form, but a series of policies to suppress the mogujie.com and Taobao later said the beautiful development have self transformation platform. So it is necessary to do a large part of the electricity supplier to guide the purchase of Ali mother.

but although to be limited to others, but compared to do electricity supplier, guide the threshold to be much lower. Do shopping also means eliminating the trouble to build a platform, do not have to worry about the operation do not pull businesses, do not worry about logistics, just need to control the quality of the product.

today’s headlines to invite businessmen said that every sale flow basically fixed, so positioning business to target users more accurate, traffic conversion rate will be higher. "Today’s headlines" commitment to the beginning of the business to show 300 thousand, the general click rate of around 5%.

today’s headlines, in essence, can also be regarded as the media, the media to do cross-border electricity supplier shopping guide can also be regarded as a kind of exploration, for the media business has also done a sample


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