Do not understand the three problems of Ali’s mother

Mar 8, 2017 isjscowe

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

      before I recommend when Ali mother platform had proposed the individual owners of the gospel, because as a personal webmaster for advertisers is indeed very difficult, we don’t have the perfect sales team and no sales experience with advertisers to negotiate, can only rely on the meager traffic websites while waiting for advertising the main door. So the mom of this platform is able to set the overall power station to attract advertisers is a good thing.

            but after a few days of application more and more clearly see Ali mother’s real intention, but also not for personal webmaster have very big benefits.

    1 to the webmaster about 8-15% intermediary fees charged. Difficult to understand, this is Ali’s mother’s profit model? Although the ads are high profit products, but there are two extremes for individual webmaster, one is a small flow of webmaster want to advertise, now mom are basically all such sites, traffic between 2000-5000IP, advertising prices can only be sold between 50-200 weeks, so in accordance with the 8-15 percentage. Mom also not much, and this batch of stationmaster is the most care of this income. Large flow of advertising and do not worry about the sale and the price is high, if the mother Ali to sell such a ratio is that they are very difficult to accept, so Ali mother how to grow?

  2 ad can not be sold before the code can not be removed, while Ali will be displayed in the Union’s advertising. This is a little push Ali alliance. Want to sell advertising must be linked to Ali union code. And to the point of view of the image of the ad is to show Ali’s mother’s advertising, which is whether there is an advertising fee is still unknown, at least my Chengdu travel online is free to hang up a few days Ali mother advertising.

  3 buyer completely free of charge; />

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