ndividuals in the blog release of the Olympic infringement information should be removed quickly

Mar 8, 2017 khmexore

July 31st, Xu Chao, deputy director of the national copyright administration, deputy director of the Department of guest Xinhua, on the Internet to combat the illegal broadcast of Olympic Games and other acts of behavior and online communication.

netizens asked, if I posted some of the relevant information about the Olympic Games in the blog, then how to deal with it is fine or detention?

Xu Chao replied, first of all, we should first delete harmful information, punishment is not the purpose, we are most concerned about is to quickly delete harmful information. If it is malicious infringement, then he may be more severe administrative penalties, such as fines. If he has computers, servers and other equipment, we have to be confiscated. We will be ordered to stop infringement, confiscation of equipment, fines, if the behavior is bad, we will be held criminally responsible.

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