Express double verification can clean up the chaos of the industry status quo

Mar 8, 2017 ixhnnluq

recently, the implementation of the Beijing express double verification, that is, identity cards and mobile phones are required to register and check, and may launch the relevant mobile phone APP. It is similar to the express products used in rich collection of treasure, the user can through the mobile phone application for express parcel. Removed from the middle of the link, improve the efficiency of the express delivery, since the introduction of real name system, the actual effect is not so optimistic. Some cities have not been able to really promote real name registration, some users are not willing to disclose their privacy information. Express real name system has not been able to get a better promotion, while the express industry still exists criticism.

courier industry is lopsided development

electricity supplier’s rapid development, so that the rapid rise of the courier industry, with the increasing domestic online shopping crowd, the demand for express delivery is also the development of blowout. Especially during the double eleven Festival promotions, major courier companies often appeared warehouse explosion case. However, the courier industry has been criticized by consumers, there are many difficult to cure the problem, such as: violence sorting, parcel lost etc. customer service service, consumers in the courier companies with disputes, often in silence. If the package is lost or damaged, in accordance with the existing regulations, the only payment to the consumer a postage. This allows many consumers can not accept, it can be said that the courier industry is still abnormal development.

how to clean up the chaos of the courier industry

currently has Shen Tong, Tong, SF and other courier companies, in addition to the daily express, rhyme and other small courier company, courier companies can be business to join the small courier companies. This part of the courier company is more difficult to manage and supervise, especially for the qualifications of the courier practitioners, basically no threshold. Courier directly on the job, lack of experience and industry qualifications, the main reason is the flow of personnel courier large, coupled with the demand for couriers and very large. To clean up the chaos of the courier industry, we must start from the root, both to meet the current huge market demand, but also to make the courier industry to a healthy development.

courier industry and electricity providers are inseparable

criticized the courier industry chaos is not only consumers, as well as many shop owners, as the owner of Taobao, often to deal with courier companies. There will be a package damage, loss of goods, if the price is not expensive items, the owner is often considered unlucky, but some of the precious items will be lost to the owner of the loss. Express industry and the relationship between the electricity supplier is inseparable, Jingdong has its own logistics company, so it is easy to manage its courier company. Taobao must rely on several major courier companies, but also have no right to supervise and manage these courier companies. So it is more prone to some consumer disputes.

it is dual verification or registration system, rectify the courier industry is not a short duration of time can be completed. Huge market demand, the urgent need to clean up and change the courier industry. This article by whale Bao small series of original reproduced retain >

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