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Mar 8, 2017 nejtztqx

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 3rd news, the same way today announced the acquisition of more than 6 billion yuan of investment, including Wanda invested 3 billion 580 million yuan investment led, Tencent win fund industry, CITIC Capital and many other institutions for the senate.

with the journey was founded in 2004, in 2014 about 30 million passengers, an increase of 100%. Wanda cultural group after the investment will be the same as the way to carry out a comprehensive strategic cooperation in tourism, Wanda tourism industry will be the same way to travel, get through online channels to obtain customers. With the way tourism will be the destination resources, expanding the volume of trade.

Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said, "the investment with the way tourism is the first investment Wanda tourism network company, it is necessary to Wanda tourism industry implementation of the" Internet plus "strategy, to achieve the transformation of the. Wanda is China has the largest number of tourism enterprises. By investing in the same way tourism, Wanda tourism industry will form an online platform, the line of the channel and a large tourist destination of the Trinity pattern."

It is reported that

, Wanda travel agency annual earnings growth in more than 50%, Wanda is currently opened and the construction of large-scale cultural tourism project more than 12, 5 year plan to re invest 8 of similar projects, is expected to 2020 Park Tourism trips around 200 million.

with the way travel founder and CEO Wu Zhixiang said: I am very pleased to get the favor and investment from Wanda and other companies. The Wanda strategic investment, with the way tourism will be Wanda tourism travel agencies, Wanda cultural tourism city, Wanda offline business resources to expand the priority of more comprehensive cooperation, and jointly create a new Internet plus Wanda mode of travel.

the current online travel market competition, Ctrip, eLong, where to go, the way cattle several listed companies in collective loss. According to the results, the first quarter of 2015 net loss of 126 million yuan Ctrip, where to go to net loss of 701 million 200 thousand yuan, while elong and the way cattle were a net loss of 180 million 700 thousand yuan and 233 million yuan.

for the same process, the financing of supplementary ammunition and other companies competing imperative. Days ago with the way tourism announced the resumption of A shares in the years IPO. But it is still in the burn war, online travel has not been profitable in the same way, want to have to wait for the listed securities law amendment, the registration system and other favorable policies.

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