Tencent product team will take legal action in response to 360

Mar 7, 2017 ixhnnluq

October 11th, QQ product team published "about a company" slander Tencent QQ spy on user privacy "solemn declaration", this is the second Tencent Inc in the national day before the media on 360 privacy report low-key statement after the first positive response to the 360 challenge. The statement adopted harsh wording of hitherto unknown, the industry believes that this shows that "tolerance of 360 Tencent QQ provocation to the limit".

before the national day, 360 suddenly launched a privacy protector, will be directed at China’s largest client QQ, said it peep user privacy". A Tencent responded: QQ is absolutely no spy on user privacy, disclosure is never involved in any user privacy. The QQ team is entitled "guardian said in its warm" log in "on the QQ face another round of abuse, malicious attacks, many QQ users to return spread malicious remarks," QQ "and" QQ is life "and so on user support and recognition from the micro-blog forum in the space of convergence to the QQ side." But long after the national day, 360 security guards occupy the leading position in the field of security client still enjoy to remind user "software is to look into your privacy, guide users to download and install 360 privacy protection.

Tencent: 360 is a deliberate slander

QQ product team in a statement pointed out that the 360 launch of privacy protection aims to slander Tencent qq. Tencent has always attached importance to the protection of user privacy, there is no privacy act. Maligned QQ is the main security check module. QQ security check module adopts the technology of security software, logged in QQ Trojan invasion would be vulnerable to the memory, boot items, startup items commonly used software, desktop shortcuts and other files to carry out safety inspection, check the specific process is as follows: first, to determine whether a file is an executable file, if not executable QQ file, security check module will not carry out any operation on it; if it is executable, QQ security check module will further check the trojan. Executable file is a Trojan virus disguised or parasitic place, check the executable file is the industry’s anti-virus software, general technology, does not involve user privacy." Why Tencent to carry out safety checks work? The statement said that after 12 years of development, the QQ account has long been not only used in instant communication, but also widely used in many online games, online shopping, online payment, online community space, blog and email and micro-blog applications, is an important pass integrated one-stop platform communication, entertainment, information and business, the demand of the security protection level has been far more than other instant messaging products. Tencent Inc has been to protect the user account security as the most important work, and by providing a series of measures such as QQ security checks continue to strengthen the security system. Tencent never peep user privacy, and firmly believe that only respect and truly protect the security and privacy of users of the enterprise, in order to obtain healthy and sustainable development." The statement on the 360 privacy protection "and"

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