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Mar 7, 2017 reseoyvd

traffic hijacking has plagued the Internet industry for many years " ", regulators should be from the customer’s standpoint, to stop illegal malicious traffic hijacking, punishment for infringement of the interests of customers phenomenon, both for the Internet Co of operators alike.


text / Ning Yu, the author of WeChat public number: Shang Confucian Inn (CMCC-ningyu)

on Friday to see a joint statement issued by the six Internet Co, resisting traffic hijacking and other violations, it was pointed out that directed at the operator. I don’t know much about this field, but I think there are a lot of misconceptions.

first of all, from a purely technical point of view " traffic hijacking ".

customers had wanted to visit the A site, but some people use technical means, so that the actual open is the B site, which uses technical means to adjust the behavior of user access is called traffic hijacking. There is a more generalized argument: in the open A website and forced to open the C page, also calculate traffic hijacking.

" traffic hijacking " is a class of Internet technology collectively, the Internet network or service providers to change the user’s access behavior through these technologies. So this change is to adjust to the user negative?.

such as DNS flow optimization, application scheduling optimization, including routing design and adjustment of CDN, more or less to change the user’s actual access needs, to improve the customer experience in another site to more quickly obtain the same information, why customers at this site are lining up to


it’s like a knife, the knife can cut vegetables, can also be used to kill. Operators, Internet Co worth mentioning, are doing everything possible to use technical means to enhance customer perception, attract and retain users, but it is true that some of the technical means for profit, even at the expense of the interests of customers. This requires specific conditions, can not be said to see the sword they say is the bandits robbed.

on the other hand, " traffic hijacking " behavior may occur in all aspects of the flow through the terminal browser, the client software can do terminal hijacking, WiFi AP can do wireless hijacking, routing and other network equipment can do channel hijacking, light equipment can bypass hijacking, etc.. This is like a dart to go down, robbery can take place in water, may in the land, it may also be in excuse of. In the land of robbery also need to be armed attack, inn when a packet will fix the menghanyao.

so, see " traffic hijacking " on the operator, just like the consignee to see the package is empty, immediately accused the highway bureau to condone the robber, or see >

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