Three websites complaints Google ranking tricky suspected intervention search results

Mar 7, 2017 yulqsfbv


Google Corporation on suspicion of unfair competition, the first EU investigation.

search results, we did not influence, is the "duck shout"

, the European Commission launched an antitrust investigation against the Google Corporation, the reason is the 3 Internet sites that Google for their intervention by filtering search results of search engine business, resulting in the loss of these sites suffer commercial interests, constitute unfair competition.

endangers advertising revenue?

, the British "Daily Telegraph" 24 online edition reported that the British price comparison site Foundem, Microsoft Corp’s online shopping site Ciao and the French legal consulting website ejustice previously sued Google, said by the search engine business search, causing them to punish "no law" coming out "or the relevant search results in search rankings by location after.


Foundem website in August last year, said in a statement, Google often use a variety of filter will eliminate some sites from the relevant search results, or the arrangement at the back of their display, resulting in the search to find these sites. "Although these filters are applied to screen out spam or trying to cheat Google search results ranking sites, but they are now targeting search and directory service providers completely legitimate," the statement said. According to the Foundem website, Google search and directory provider service to "attack", online advertising revenue or due to this new power began to threaten Google’s search engine.

big two fierce competition

"Daily Telegraph" said, the European Commission has sent a letter to the Google Corporation, requiring the latter to the search engine to a series of problems how to retrieve web pages and advertising revenue and make a reply.

according to the media statement, the EU antitrust investigation of Google launched the first behind Google and Microsoft, seems to show is the Internet search market in the fierce competition.

in addition to the Ciao site in 2008 after the acquisition of Microsoft, Microsoft Foundem site also has a background". Reported that this site is committed to promoting the healthy competition of the Internet ICOMP members, while the latter accepted Microsoft Corp funding.

European Commission on the 18 day of this year approved the acquisition of Microsoft Yahoo Corp Internet search engine business and related advertising business plan. The European Commission said that in Europe, Microsoft and YAHOO in the Internet search market share is limited to less than 10%, compared to Google accounted for a market share of 90%.

"most useful" ranked first

in the face of antitrust investigation, Google denies its actions constitute unfair competition, confidence in the search engine business in line with EU fair competition regulations, said it would provide relevant information to the European commission.


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