Sina and other well known websites take the lead in resisting the nternet vulgar wind

Mar 7, 2017 tvsbpdsa

              January 16th, CCTV-1, "Oriental time" broadcast remediation Internet vulgar wind tracking report website: named after exposure, the following is the program content:

this year, a large number of websites have been Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center publicly named, including Sina Sohu Baidu and many other well-known website, as of January 12th, 175 illegal websites were closed, 29 from the online dissemination of pornographic case investigation by public security organs, after three consecutive open the exposure on the network content has not been curbed, our reporters went to the site, understand the latest situation.

reporter: Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center, for many people, may feel unfamiliar, this time from the beginning of January 5th, the national core Internet bad information campaigns, this is accomplished by the reporting center. Report center will publish a website with bad information, then the exposure of these sites are rectification, rectification effect, the report center will continue to be reviewed.

report center inspector rectification

Special operations Air National remediation Internet vulgar

by seven ministries jointly held since the beginning of January 5th, after the illegal information reporting center, has announced the 50 list of websites with pornographic content, but in the exposure of the site, some of the big portal.

Zhu Mengle (illegal information reporting center to report work director): we will rectification on our exposed site, arrange staff timely verification of tracking, verification, we will form a special report, to reflect to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

after the exposure of these sites, the reporting center staff will continue tracking their verification and rectification, after rectification of these days, some websites have removed the vulgar content involved.

Zhu Mengle: this batch of websites, we found that there are some sites rectification is relatively good, such as, before we do not expose it, the album, blog, the relevant column, there are a lot of vulgar content, can from the system give you a look inside here, we retain some screenshots evidence it before the content of adults or for teenagers or relatively impact is very serious.

reporter: now in Sina, we are exposed, photo album, blog or, these columns there is such a vulgar pornography?

Zhu Mengle: now our staff, the rectification of sina, a review and found that it’s album blog, which is related to the column inside, can not find the corresponding vulgar content.

reporter: now can not give

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