Sources said the company issued a red WeChat tax rules will be introduced tax rate of 20%

Mar 6, 2017 ixhnnluq

sources said the company issued a red WeChat tax rules will be introduced tax rate 20%

[TechWeb] August 6th news reports, one allegedly from July 28th, the State Administration of Taxation on the internal circulation of documents leaked on the Internet yesterday. According to the news, China’s tax authorities may introduce new regulations on the regulation of personal acceptance of electronic envelopes issued by the enterprise tax.

industry insiders said, enterprises issuing electronic envelopes is already clear that tax, but has been the lack of implementation of the standards in details, the internal documents leaked, or means companies issuing electronic envelopes tax rules promulgated countdown.

it is reported that, as early as the Spring Festival this year, the news should be confirmed that the electronic envelopes should be taxed, but it is clear that only for electronic envelopes issued by the enterprise, the individual red envelopes are not listed in this column. Director of the State Administration of Taxation Wang Jun in March this year in the country during the NPC and CPPCC clear that companies sent to the winning nature of social individual envelopes, shall be taxed; relatives sent between entertaining small red, not tax.


, the board of directors of the Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng later said, B2C red, such as the Tencent is to tax this year in the CCTV Spring Festival evening issued red envelopes, issued 500 million yuan red envelope 100 million yuan to pay, which is 20%.

in addition to the grass-roots tax authorities also reported the news, a company in Jiangsu because of the scene in a TV show in the distribution of the 3 million yuan WeChat red, the initiative to Jiangsu Yancheng Dongtai City Local Taxation Bureau paid 750 thousand yuan of "WeChat red" personal income tax. According to reports, the company issued red envelopes with winning properties to non specified objects through the television media, according to the "People’s Republic of China personal income tax law" second provisions, contingent income should pay individual income tax, the tax rate is 20%.

had previously reported that the tax authorities are actively investigating this new thing, improve the collection of regulatory. Insiders pointed out that if the tax department yesterday spread relevant documents is true, it should be for the electronic envelopes tax issues clear and detailed, that is to say, the enterprise payment tax standard is expected to introduce electronic envelopes.

at present, the State Administration of Taxation has not yet responded to the matter. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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