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Mar 6, 2017 vshjjzdg

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 12th news, Ctrip and where to go to open the tear recently! Why did the acquisition of the former object of the incident to this rigid pattern?

in 7 days this month, where to go to the Ministry of Commerce Anti-monopoly Bureau to submit documents report, Ctrip acquired elong suspected of violating the "People’s Republic of China anti-monopoly law" and relevant laws and regulations, and the deal has touched the relevant state regulations in the reporting threshold, but not according to the provisions of the Ministry of Commerce to declare. In addition, where also said that Ctrip elong in the control on the market after the formation of monopoly, and to the hotel business supply chain to request the hotel not cooperation with where to go, or not to go where the lowest price, suspected bully where to go.

Ctrip responded immediately said he always abide by Chinese law, and in accordance with Chinese law to engage in business activities. Ctrip strategic investment elong, eLong is only one of the many shareholders. And Tencent has issued a privatization offer elong, once the completion of the acquisition of elong shares of public shares, the shareholding ratio will be close to ctrip. Also believes that the current combination of Ctrip and elong together accounted for less than 5% of the domestic tourism market share, not enough to have an impact on the entire market. At the same time counterattack said, where to go to a number of mergers and acquisitions alleged not to declare the matter, Ctrip will make a formal report to the authorities.

worth mentioning is that before the marriage Ctrip and elong, Ctrip had taken the initiative to go out where the olive branch, the intention of the acquisition of all the shares to go where. Where to go in its first quarter earnings report released this year, said the offer, after careful consideration, in June 1, 2015 rejected the proposal in writing.

happened to two online travel giant reported on the war, insiders believe that the range where the network and Ctrip referred to on monopoly problem when different, where the online hotel booking market, Ctrip is about the Chinese tourism market, such events are difficult to define whether the alleged monopoly.

in fact, Ctrip and where to go after the war of words often occur. In Ctrip rival elong has poor performance, after market decline, where Ctrip became the catch up from behind the front of competitors, the warring parties frequently. At present, the growth rate of online travel market ticket business has slowed, Ctrip and where to go to the hotel is to compete in the field of booking. Especially after Ctrip and elong joint, where to face greater pressure.

in addition, the match also stood behind BAT and other giants. Where Baidu is the controlling shareholder of Ali’s Tencent has to go, although there is no direct access to the online travel market, but which shares the same way and the way cattle, and not long ago Tencent elong issued a privatization offer. The industry believes that elong successful delisting, Tencent or its holdings of shares of elong into Ctrip shares, it will be officially against three.

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