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Mar 6, 2017 khmexore

[introduction] takeaway platform competition into the University, which also appeared in some of the industry is not conducive to the development of the form of competition, as one of the O2O research field, how to promote their



text / Wu Meimei

recently on the delivery of goods transit articles has been recognized by industry insiders at the same time, transit goods indirectly learned: a few big takeaway platform a malicious competition, businesses scalping serious behavior in the region, this situation attracted our attention, why would they pay attention to college students is a takeaway market? In great demand, the two universities have a relatively closed environment, catering O2O penetration is still very low, this is an untapped market; then the author will talk about it again takeaway O2O.

takeaway two audiences: white-collar and college students

on the basis of common sense, delivery is a service provided is not convenient or not willing to eat out of the crowd, inconvenient time mainly refers to the high cost of limited conditions and do not want to go out, mostly because of lazy, both on behalf of the white-collar workers and college students. Of course, people choose to take out a variety of factors, such as the weather, and the summer can be said to be taking out the business season, as this summer staged a hot takeaway war.

obviously takeaway itself to limited space, the radiation range of 2 kilometers, white-collar workers are sensitive to time, waiting time for about 15~30 minutes, and the demand is concentrated in the Monday to Friday noon (dinner); there are special cases, good breakfast, goods transit network had reported the startup, they only takeaway breakfast, room area is Wudaokou area crowded, for the crowd is the white-collar.

and college students on the time requirement is not high, waiting to take away time mostly in 40~60 minutes, to a certain extent, reduce the requirements of the distribution, but lower customer price. Typical cases of enterprises that aimed at the student market is hungry, it has higher rate in the market, is also the first to do the market a well-known online takeaway platform, started from several founders of the alma mater of Shanghai Jiaotong university. The other is the first meal, but also from the founder of Zhao Xiao’s alma mater, Communication University of China began the development of the user, but the company is not optimistic, is said to have turned the group meal.

takeaway position shift: from office to campus

can be seen from the audience subject to the office building and the campus center can be divided into delivery service scope, and office buildings and shopping district of the high degree of overlap, in addition to other hungry takeaway platform covering most businesses is also in the District, it is not difficult to understand the primary position of the takeaway is office. When the choice of more and more people get the user’s cost is higher, so the burning of the "price war", including Baidu in April this year to enter the market in the takeaway, promotion is distribute leaflets in the office near the following single minus $6 discount to attract traffic; at the same time hungry released from mid August will pass.

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