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if the crisis does not affect the percentage of income, it is not a crisis; if the opportunity does not affect the percentage of income, it is not an opportunity. Over the years, the traditional media is to use this label to judge the crisis brought about by the new media. Even cried for 10 years the wolf, it seems that the wolf did not come. Until 2010, the traditional media business income accelerated decline, in 2012 the number of newspapers over the same period the proportion of business revenue fell as high as 20 – – in the numbness, the wolf really came!

review of 10 years of exploration of traditional media on the Internet, although there are some successful cases, but compared with the tens of thousands of the denominator, is the combination of the stars. And those, a inconstant in policy project, most of them can be described in one word — faking.

mimic phenomenon: the local community

The great success of

19 is a good and bad thing for the new media business. The good news is that the 19 floor set a metropolis of new media benchmark, ushered in a new era in the local community; the bad news is that the 19 floor to the success of sticking to traditional media will be the new media equal to do community, 19 floor, no second.

had many traditional media in all after trial and error will be attributed to institutional issues, but the face of the Qingdao news network, Chinese net, Zhejiang online this seemingly "old model" of success, how does it feel? Thought: this kind of model is more suitable for traditional media and new media business.


mimic phenomenon two: client


news client, news client NetEase — the major portal news client as several major portals like bright. So, the traditional media once again in


we have to think about a question: why do users want to use Sina or NetEase news client, rather than the choice of metropolitan newspaper or local TV client?

a practice similar business senior media people say: we do but Sina, from the surface to see many of our original content, but Sina brought together hundreds of times in our content, let us become stretched.

: in most cases, the traditional media content system is closed, but the Internet is to eliminate news territory. In this case, the reader more and more independent, more and more critical, more and more competition in the content of the metropolis newspaper has come to the need to redefine the content of the positioning and production mode of the time!

mimic phenomenon three: Radio and television do portal

at present, the traditional media of the Internet crisis, bear the brunt of the Metropolis Daily, followed by local TV stations. Therefore, local television has not given up the new media exploration.

in the face of the gateway to the radio and television system, once someone asked

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