2013 Entrepreneurs Conference launched China good loans public welfare activities

Mar 6, 2017 cyxnjljp

March 23rd, Discuz!, good credit network jointly issued the "China loan" in Beijing, in cooperation with the third party financial institutions, launched a total of 10 million yuan of public funds, to provide low interest loans for ordinary Internet and mobile Internet entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to build and willing to provide zero risk investment institutions interest of the loan communication and cooperation platform.

"What Entrepreneurs lack most of the grassroots? Grass root entrepreneurs, in addition, is money, can where is the money? Bank money, do not give loans; usury of money, not to credit; VC entrepreneurs too rich, too small!" this is the opening activities China loan ", face is Chinese every ordinary entrepreneur problem.

according to event organizers, grassroots entrepreneurs to achieve the success of the loan financing, only to meet the website or application on-line for more than 1 years, more than 10 thousand independent user access, a monthly income of 10 thousand yuan more than the three conditions of any one of these conditions, or more than 3 standard with the entrepreneurial assistance guarantee, you can have a chance the activities of the loan. In the loan amount, generally not more than 300 thousand yuan, the most special is not more than 1 million yuan; in the event of interest, welfare based, so a minimum of 0 years of interest interest, the highest interest rate is not higher than 3/10000 days of interest.

"there is a kind of money for grassroots entrepreneurs! Every entrepreneur should have equal right of loan!" Discuz! The market general manager Zhang Xiang said, Discuz! Willing to free for every entrepreneurs to provide a platform to promote their own, so that entrepreneurs have the opportunity to work with financial institutions have better contact, in order to obtain loans and financing opportunities for

!Good loan network

co-founder Li Mingshun said, the first phase of Chinese loan activities will start from March 23rd to May 11th, during a period of nearly 50 days of activities, for 100 entrepreneurs (owners) to provide the public interest loan! So, as a public loan activities, this event good credit network will not charge any fee for debit, completely free of charge for entrepreneurs and financial institutions, to provide a communication platform for both sides of the trust.

it is understood that China good loan activities is one of the 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs Conference (http://s.2013.loohua.com/) of the early activities. The theme of the conference is to embrace the mobile Internet, in addition to the "China good loans" activities, also set up a "global Chinese community billboard" award, "best mobile Internet venture Star Contest and other activities.

as Chinese the largest scale and the highest degree of concern of Internet entrepreneurs of the party, Chinese Internet entrepreneurs (webmaster) conference has been successfully held seven sessions, the annual conference will bring together industry heavyweights, the industry elite, entrepreneurial pioneer, share the industry dynamics and the latest development trend of the Internet for entrepreneurs. May 2013 >

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