LETV millet lost this week will continue to sue in response to evade the crucial point

Mar 6, 2017 spiqldfx

NetEase finance July 3rd news recently a box of pirated music as millet was sentenced to compensate a matter of concern today, LETV website business group chief operating officer of high flying NetEase Finance said, millet company is losing to evade the crucial point response, millet is a worthy opponent, after losing should face, bear the responsibility and obligation, but now as a very irresponsible." Allegedly this week, the music network will continue to put forward dozens of millet exclusive film and television drama copyright infringement lawsuit.

on Friday, the Beijing Haidian court, millet box "The Flowers Of War" infringement LETV, "I am special forces" and 7 video works the right to network dissemination of information, to 150 thousand yuan compensation letv. For the judgment, millet company issued a statement in June 30th responded that millet box access is iCNTV (the future of film and television) platform, program acquisition by iCNTV management, source compliance. Millet will be the future of television with iCNTV, the facts of the first instance verdict and the application of the law to communicate and consider, timely decision whether to appeal. That afternoon, millet is a statement, broke the music as boxes and TVs in the broadcast control and video content is not strictly comply with the requirements of radio management, iCNTV future of television has been terminated with music as the company’s license partnership.

goofy believes millet terminal, a large forum website, with a large number of pirated content directly is an established fact, the tort is That’s final., while millet in response after losing is deliberately evade the crucial point. He pointed out that millet is only part of the infringement through the iCNTV platform to achieve, there are many violations of content and iCNTV unrelated. Goofy said this week, the music network will continue to put forward dozens of millet exclusive film and television drama copyright infringement lawsuit. It is reported that, as the music has been more than 500 pieces of evidence of millet piracy broadcast as the exclusive drama evidence.

This procedure for the music as

deliberately "let go" licenses and licenses iCNTV, goofy denied negotiating power is not equal, he pointed out that although all licenses within the system, but also has the competition, the future does not rule out the possibility of a private license shall enter. If there are 7 licenses in the future, and only video sites, the right to speak on the transfer, which is a dynamic game process. Music will not be forced to accept the wrong policy in the future."

to view the music development in recent years, including TV set-top boxes, Internet TV and mobile phone terminal in the forthcoming development path of plagiarism millet, goofy categorically denied this, he said: "the music and millet plagiarism is not exist, on television, LETV announced in September 19, 2012 when the TV, millet no trends; 2013 LETV officially launched TV products millet has yet to launch similar products; music is the world’s first to Qualcomm chips used in smart TV products." He believes that the Internet, television and mobile terminals have formed a cross platform chain, manufacturers can move the first TV, you can also go the other way, which is a natural derivative, >

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