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Mar 6, 2017 vshjjzdg

is probably a lot of people see the title of the article will think I do not know the day message, the Internet will have the same or is the truth? Website promotion can change rapidly to

?In fact,

, no matter what type of site, no matter when the site promotion, are the basic principles of promotion! Let me slowly!

a clear purpose of the site


website before we must define what the purpose of this site is to build their own? To make money through the website? To make money through what website? That is to say when we built our website is considered through the website to sell products or services to make money selling money?? make money by selling advertising? If there is no clear through the website you want to do what to make money and how that can make money


two, identify the site user groups

find the website user groups, this is the basic premise to do network promotion is the most important! Website promotion is most afraid of nothing, irrelevant! No matter what kind of website, selling products or services to sell, sell good advertising, you will need to start their own user partition the group is very clear, and then to developing and implementing the corresponding website promotion strategy.

three, investigate user network behavior

identify the website user groups, the network behavior, then to analyze these user groups such as they all love to go on the Internet? In what? A cloud of war "is not the enemy" awareness, investigation and analysis of network behavior of user groups we can carry on the effective website promotion and every roll in point


four, actively promote summary

In front of the

work are ready to develop the website promotion, use of various means to promote their website promotion for having heard it many times for a group of users, of course, try not to use improper means! In this process, need a little more carefully is, must go to summarize the efficiency analysis of various promotion methods of their use of the find a way, doing the best to find good results carry forward, method, method of concentrating effect to give up very little! Of course, this process is the need to use good webmaster tools! Baidu statistics, Google statistics etc…….


four is any website promotion timeless criteria, of course, in the basic principles on how to carry out free play that is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount.

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