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Mar 6, 2017 spiqldfx

often have friends to read the network promotion articles I wrote, and then to ask me, how to promote their website. In fact, I will promote the means, basically have been shared out. Promotion methods on those, and ultimately can do their desired effect, the key is the actual implementation of enough. It is serious to do, and found that this method does not work, no effect. Or just get under, feel nothing special effect, gave up. Today, I take the previous two products to promote the case, and to share with you, how do I do.

A: website alliance promotion experience

web site to promote the work of the league, is my company in Beijing to do the first direct and promote the work of the hook. At that time, the company let me be responsible for a "music union" promotion, is the company to promote the League of products, the Union website to do the least one product. Because it is music, not attractive, and the price is low. And at that time the same kind of MOP alliance, the price is much lower. For example, a web site with the same advertising position linked to the music alliance and MOP alliance advertising. 100 people go in the most up to 2 people will click on the Music Alliance advertising, and MOP because they are biased erotic advertising. 100 people go in at least 4 people will click. And our 1 click on the, MOP is the 1 click on the 4 cents. Means that the same location, hang our ads, less than 4 times the income of the MOP alliance, the webmaster are not fools, so when doing music products advertising alliance site is very small.

had taken over the work, I was desperate, in such an objective environment, want to push this product is basically impossible, almost gave up. After reading an article "Fang Xingdong Internet business five core issues: the key to success can also be fatal" let me understand a truth. Do not complain about the things that can not be changed, no matter how it is, do it carefully, do it. Can think of to see the way to try out, if not, then told the leadership, this is really no way.

because of their own personal website has done a lot of advertising alliance, so the site of the alliance and the mentality of individual owners or have a certain understanding. At first I went to investigate all the same site alliance, to see how much they are the price, the size of the advertising style, promotion channels, and so on, what kind of website to hang their ads. There are a number of our alliance platform with each other, such as the success rate of user registration, the subsequent guidance of the registered user, etc.. In addition to do some webmaster investigation, why do not want to put the Music Alliance advertising.

through these surveys, I found that fewer people do the music alliance, not just because the price is not dominant. Also because of the size of the advertising style is too small, as well as the promotion of the channel is not enough, the initiative to guide the work of the union site registration is not in place, etc.. At the same time, there were only more than and 10 sizes in the advertising alliance, and it was not the size of the web site

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