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Mar 6, 2017 spiqldfx

"would like to ask about the way of business cooperation and charges. Here we need to publish content to the × products, thank you! "," Hello! Talk about post advertisement cooperation: media call × × × × × × ", recently, micro-blog blog to contact some grassroots commercial promotion for the. Reporters learned that, due to some grassroots Bo fans more, so advertisers come to pay for promotion. And advertising revenue has become a way to earn money.

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although micro-blog is a celebrity route, but many grassroots Bo also attracted a large number of fans. According to the reporter, these so-called grassroots micro-blog, in fact, often have a professional team behind. They focus on a theme, the information collection, the theme is clear, interesting. As a result, their fans tend to be taller than individuals. The most famous grassroots name Bo is cold joke selection, the reporter learned that the owner is a 24 year old computer enthusiasts, named Yin Guangxu. Today this grassroots micro-blog fans have exceeded 2 million. In micro-blog, "hot film", "micro-blog funny list", "001" constellation love ID is very popular around the world, their enthusiastic snare delicious, fun, funny, tell everyone of every sign of gossip, micro-blog gathered a lot of popularity.

and it is a lot of popularity, triggering the interests of advertisers. They are trying to put the commercial advertising cleverly into these micro-blog, some of the information through grassroots micro-blog forwarding, you can achieve the purpose of communication. According to the reporter, two hundred or three hundred yuan will be able to insert an advertisement in micro-blog. A lot of grassroots micro-blog team operation, some people even thousand. Many grassroots Bo team single income has been more than ordinary white-collar workers earn more, while some of the earlier and mature micro-blog main income is at least 1.5 times the number of white-collar workers.

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according to some media reports, micro-blog funny list responsible person once issued a quotation show in the main micro-blog "micro-blog funny list" on advertising, a fee of 500 yuan, while the other two team micro-blog "pet adorable camp" and "global creative collection" are charges 200 yuan. The reporter hereby consulted some business cooperation, a lady told reporters: "now the grass and micro-blog cooperation in various forms, in fact, the price is no fixed standard, some bloggers joined their ideas, we can pay more. And some simple cooperation, pay less. The key is that there is no so-called industry standards, specific cooperation, we are talking about the specific price! "

business people said that with the grassroots Bo cooperation efficiency is high, the operation is relatively simple, usually do not have to sign a contract do not have to go too many processes, in the QQ or telephone communication can be issued directly after the

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