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Mar 6, 2017 tvsbpdsa

it’s true that more and more people are aware of the power of the internet. To embrace it. Yesterday, a good friend invited me to dinner, by the way he mentioned the idea of entrepreneurship, but also want to get a website to help their profits. Today, a friend asked me about the site’s marketing, but also want to get a website to promote their own company’s products.

indeed, in today’s Internet era, the role of the site is too large. Nowadays, people may not be able to watch TV for a month, but almost no one day does not access the Internet (of course, refers to the younger generation, 80 after the main force, ha ha). Even a year can not see the TV, the role of television advertising naturally weakened, the Internet has become the focus of people’s advocacy and marketing venues.


had never come into contact with the network of people, but have no place to solve. Often think of their own good. Spend money to build a web site, like the lunar tides yesterday mentioned in the blog, the website is done, put there for several months, but no response. Why? Didn’t do any network where promotion work, how will react? The lunar tides repeat yesterday’s topic: website optimization, consistently.

if you simply do not know how to operate the site, it is best to find their own understanding of the first turn, or consult, or buy books to learn. Don’t give this part to the third party. To the third party network marketing company, they often do not come with the results you want, but also wasted a lot of money, finally chose to give up irritable and chagrin. You must have a certain network knowledge, does not require you to become an expert, a master, but you should know, avoid finally bring unnecessary results. If you are an expert, at least in the process of cooperation with third parties, know how to monitor its implementation, which can make them do, which can not. Rather than blindly believe that as long as I have money, I want to effect. They have to do it, they can, can’t, they can. And that’s not the case. We know that the first step in the network marketing is to rely on search engine marketing. In addition to bid and search engine rankings, are in accordance with the search algorithm to rank, want to enter in these natural search engine rankings, there are many objective factors limit, and not the third party company about things, sometimes some words in some stations, there is a short period of time (first half of the year to more) is not possible. And if the third party company promised you can do up, invalid refund, even if the final invalid refund of the money, what is wasted? Is not a long time of the network side


so, if the webmaster or their team itself has some knowledge of this, don’t be such detours, at least they can choose.

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