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Mar 6, 2017 nwrziqha

if the second-hand car dealers can also rely on other value-added products to make money, but also to earn the difference to do?

(source: AutoLab) Mandaijie whitewashing type "no middlemen make the difference, no middleman is filled with Huang Bo’s face with a" second-hand car website, cost-effective!".

brokers, also the second-hand car dealer, the largest volume of nearly a year, one of the objects is the most controversial, seems to second-hand car business as long as it is sleep, will become a sin.

however, shortly before the second-hand car, car cat (Hangzhou) rarely held in Beijing party, officially announced a strategic partnership with the national car, car cat subsidiary really car original country car under the car, the cat incarnation of Beijing branch, responsible for expanding business in the north of the cat car.

focus more than this. The point is that the car cat also officially announced the brand to join the chain O2O model, said adult words can be understood as car cat partner".

specifically, other large second-hand car dealers can transform really car for example, in turn a "betrothal gift" franchise fees and put some "bridal chamber" renovation fee, car cat warmly welcome them with their deep bed fellows, and can get the cat in the car brand, 1058 testing and certification system and Online + offline consultant to help buy "set of output mode.

which used car dealers will sleep with the car cat?

is currently China registered second-hand car about 8 million, including large second-hand car dealers accounted for about 10%. According to Zhu Min CMO car cat said, in a large second-hand car dealer in accordance with the "cat car partner" to join the threshold:

For example,

reached a total area of 300 square meters, with hall, have certain detection ability, crub strength, have customer service service force, to set the output mode of car with the cat.

however, a second-hand car business is the second-hand car dealer is discussed sleep a sin we put aside, but intuitively speaking, the large second-hand car dealers can become a large second-hand car dealer, certainly have its own source and reputation.


do they really feel like carrying a second-hand car business called "sin" and it is the depth of bed fellows, it will be to jump through hoops? Certainly did not think so simple.

has been a good development has been a good second-hand car dealers may have a certain degree of difficulty, after all, we require the entire VI (main vision) to be replaced by our car cat.


, a large car taking part in the face of the impact of the Internet, the transformation of the urgent needs; some optimistic about the second-hand car market and emerging investment in large-scale car business, but the lack of second-hand car industry and Internet industry experience. These are potential ‘car cat partners’." Zhu Mindao frank.


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