2015 users in the eyes of micro business how much do you know

Mar 6, 2017 nejtztqx

micro business to fire in 2015, the major sites are talking about micro business, many people also expect the micro business will be even more than Taobao fire, and this year is also the real beginning of micro business. Micro business to the fire, many people have joined the ranks of the micro business, but the micro providers who only know the sun pictures, drying transfer, you know the user’s eyes of the micro business is what it looks like?

micro business survey is mainly aimed at our local users in Pizhou, but only to investigate the user does not dislike micro providers. I believe a lot of people are allergic to micro business, in order to summarize the investigation is also convenient enough, but also in order to listen to some of the micro business to help the voice, to do such a survey.

: I think there are many people for WeChat sellers circle of friends is not objectionable to ask


do a survey: ask Pizhou netizens, I think there are many people in the WeChat circle of friends or unfamiliar street sellers do not resent the ask? I know almost everyone at WeChat sellers circle of friends, but I have not found objectionable. I would like to say that you do not dislike the product or advertising, reasons or suggestions, thank you for the –


survey is WeChat sellers circle of friends is not objectionable, of course, friends are also involved in the investigation at. If it is for everyone to talk about the views of the micro business, certainly more resentment, so I can not sum up the purpose of the investigation. Although the number of participants in the survey is not much, but these are the most need to know the micro business, if you do not want to be a small business.

a total of 16 people involved in the investigation of the investigation, the survey is mainly for users do not dislike, but there are still a lot of users or resentment micro business.

below to give you a summary of what the eyes of the micro business users look like.

1, very disgusted micro business, see the direct deletion of

this survey is not only for the user does not dislike the micro business, however, there are still a lot of users to participate in the voice of their own, they are extremely disgusted with micro business, see the direct deletion.

if the content of the survey is to let you talk about the views of the micro business, I also believe that there will be a lot of people dislike micro business. So, micro sense in the minds of users has been very offensive.

2, do not reject the ad, the product is good to retain, useless to delete

for advertising, I believe that will see ads everywhere. For example, you are selling whitening products, your product is really good I will continue to focus on, if used a slip effect, I think it will be deleted directly.

so, micro dealers to sell the quality of the product must pass, only the quality of clearance will be concerned about the long-term intentions of your products, your customers will be more and more. Otherwise, you’re just buying a hammer.

3, relatives, friends do micro business advertising does not dislike

users generally do not resent relatives, friends of advertising, because they are all related to the

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