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Mar 6, 2017 spiqldfx

to do with the platform to buy a lot of top, buy in this year’s transformation is quite interesting. The site itself is up some group purchase; vertical shopping platform make the group purchase channel; now many development group purchase differentiation, vertical type B2C group purchase. From the original group purchase a large cake slowly fermented into a small Steamed Buns, waiting for the temperature to promote its mature steamer. Group buying craze from the initial scenery to the middle of the challenge to the current multi stage integration stage.

and by the rise of many buy site, but also let some people find another business opportunities. That’s what they do. Just soso, Baidu for the group purchase navigation income has been quite rich, what the first group purchase site navigation, navigation network and so on, open can quickly see the navigation website classified guidance according to different places or objects, regional.

Why would

group purchase navigation website showing explosive growth? China e-commerce research center analyst Fang Yingzhi believes that the surge in the number of sites that group purchase, consumers are too busy to attend to all. Because of the single characteristic regional group purchase and provide services, navigation website has become the primary entrance of users, by gathering thousand domestic group purchase website, users will demand, provided by the same types of products and services, and for similar services further comparison, can be more convenient and fast to select the desired group purchase products, and can share the fun by exchange group purchase.

group purchase navigation industry also said that due to the recent group purchase industry reshuffle acceleration, and the group purchase policy, their workload is increased, a week to see the website links, timely closing some bad reaction, no update the group purchase network. Most of the group purchase navigation website to do is guide consumers to find all kinds of the existing site to collect the group purchase, different types of group purchase website, easy to find; and will provide a forum for consumer experience discussion, sharing, and can evaluate the network group purchase station. But for every commodity group purchase group purchase website cannot accurately make detailed tips, and the face of numerous network group purchase navigation, user stickiness is far from enough, many users will leave in view of the information.

buy navigation network in an interview with the author, not only to buy navigation like shopping for users to choose the same price, but also allows consumers to dominate what they want to buy.

is also known as the new model C2B mode. What consumers need, manufacturers according to the common opinion of the group of consumers. This allows consumers to choose from the passive group to decide what their own mission.

In fact,

, as the C2B mode, a few years ago, Haier has opened a good start for us, when Haier launched small space models scheduled for the large-sized apartment dwelling city youth, according to a predetermined number, decide whether the production and price, finally achieved unprecedented success, it is a bold try, also a pattern of bold attempt. < >

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