Taobao two years earning 40 thousand to sell scrap small change

Mar 6, 2017 zkwmegmu

from the sale of scrap, to sell socks; from 500 yuan to add an old bike to start, the monthly net income of 40 thousand yuan, Yiwu business school students small boss Yang Fugang for two years, completed a transformation from "poor" to successful entrepreneurs. Based on the network shopping of many entrepreneurs, why Yang Fugang can succeed? His entrepreneurial path is a flat road? Newspaper interview with the upcoming July graduate Yang Fugang, and readers together to listen to "small bosses" online shopping business stories.

small boss lost the first battle in

Yang Fugang can do business online shopping, which is mainly several aspects worth learning? In a formal and Yang Fugang on the phone before, the reporter first sign of his Taobao three crown shop, and Yang Fugang through the "Taobao want and the customer service staff side chat. The answer is also very simple: "he is more than the average person, perseverance, very strong, sleep four or five hours a day."

Yang Fugang dialed the mobile phone, the glory days this is one of the customized ringing tone sounded, Yang Fugang’s love of music, this as he downs network poineering road, five mixed is included in the glory days of youth.

2006, repeat two times Yang Fugang was admitted to the higher vocational education. The students began to join the student union, organized activities, or is the operating point of "small business", try to make school life colorful and lively fancy, Yang Fugang certainly will not be lonely.

shortly after admission, after Yang Fugang was back to the dormitory in a daze, suddenly saw a heap in the corner point a few cans, cans sold can not make money? On the one hand to clean the dormitory, but also earn pocket money, it is the best of both worlds.

Yang Fugang carefully just an account, can the price of each a five cents to 5 cents, he bought and sold, but also earn 1 cents each. "The dormitory Security said what is not to release, said students picking up trash, read what university? It makes people feel very uncomfortable, spare time picking up trash it?" since impossible, Yang Fugang instead chose to sell socks, but listen to a lot of mocking words, "cold-shoulder treatment" is often met, important it is never too big for socks.

5 cents, not money but attitude

Yang Fugang opened the shop, which is full of all kinds of cosmetics, the reporter saw the "toot dressy shop" shop is the three crown sellers, while 99.91% received rate means 1000 people is not a bad review. His sincere attitude towards customers, from the story of 5 cents money.

May 2007, the school teacher inadvertently pointing, let Yang Fugang think of open shop. I am the person more love to try new things, since childhood is a naughty child love adventures, and "rain hit the child, idle is idle, may wish to try." Yang Fugang said he would use his own 500 yuan monthly living expenses, plus an old bike, began his career in Taobao’s career >

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