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Mar 6, 2017 kpzhojlh

July 3rd news, yesterday, Shanghai newspaper group’s new media program interface (Shanghai) Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the interface) announced by PetroChina’s Kunlun trust investment led and a combination of the interface with the cast, totaling more than 300 million yuan B round of financing, valuation increased significantly compared with the previous interface.

interface introduction B round of strategic investors signing ceremony site

following the September 2015 interface to get nearly 90 million yuan A round of investment, less than a year, the interface once again recognized by the capital market. The interface on the line in September 2014, the original business report as the core, the layout of the 26 content channels, providing the whole category of fine news information, in a very short time to grow into the first brand of Chinese business news.

interface focuses on high-end users around the city, providing one-stop information, investment, shopping, recruitment and social services. In addition to the boutique business news, the interface also owns a number of independent innovation business: Moore – professional financial investment information platform and the young investor learning community; original designer platform Chinese biggest stunner; senior questions and answers, which connect the connection with users and professional communication platform. In addition, the interface also has more than 200 million people in the radiation of China’s largest financial and commercial media alliance – JMedia.

after nearly two years of development, the current average monthly UV exceeded 90 million, has become a gathering of high-quality news and social networking platform.

In July 2nd

Finance Conference, Party Secretary of Shanghai newspaper group, President Qiu Xin thanked the municipal Party committee, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the city network information office on the interface and devoted heart, thanks to the new and old shareholders trust of the newspaper group and on the interface of such a new thing from scratch and patient expectations. He said that the interface of the dream is the high-end crowd achievement China business news first brand and service in the city entrance Internet, newspaper group to run online and interface team, all shareholders to stand on the same starting again.

as the lead investor, Kunlun Trust Co party secretary, chairman Wang Liang said that the Shanghai newspaper industry has done a lot of practice and strategic layout, in the new media success, which is an important factor in our choice of Shanghai newspaper, the future will form a strategic partnership of all-round. The interface is the development of a new "state holding + Team Incentive + multi shareholder + multi round incubator" model, but also the field of new media new platform "entrance + content + Incubator + culture", we have confidence in the development of the interface.

interface CEO he said, more and more large institutions to provide quality content Internet Co has a long-term confidence in the understanding of the media industry is also more profound. The interface with the one and a half years from scratch, create a good reputation of the brand, the next step will focus on the interface has been significantly improved in brand awareness and professional degree, influence etc..

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