Commercial real estate website how to plan marketing

Mar 6, 2017 yulqsfbv

commercial real estate website is about business and real estate related portal, her more professional content, positioning is relatively clear, how to do outreach work, how to let more people know us, understand us, or to make more understanding of our work in the commercial real estate industry in this circle of people, and we can form a good atmosphere, become an influential portal website, it is very important for a newly established commercial real estate website.

commercial real estate websites like those websites entertainment and sports, her population range is relatively small, how can find these people from hundreds of millions of Internet users, to attract them to our website, it is necessary to do site planning and promotion, I summed up the points, I hope all of you to help:

: first the content of the website, professional website, of course, to a professional industry information, do timing quantitative update the site information, can improve the Baidu and Google on the site was included in the amount of information, the best is original, or reproduced some large-scale website information.

second: keywords, in Google and Baidu keyword is an important entrance to the site. Can be based on their own sites have to be positioned, the idea of a few key words, the site was on the page, the accumulation of the density of these keywords, you can let the keywords are searched out, more forward.

third: take the initiative to find members (e-mail mail), in the yellow pages, peer website, search their users, develop their potential users (China CBD interactive network is a very mature website, the quantity and quality of his membership is relatively good, should be able to have the harvest)

fourth: link

fifth: the use of peer sites, in their blog forum published with their own website related information

sixth: of course, is soft advertising.

friends interested in commercial real estate reference Chinese CBD interactive network, should be harvested.

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