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Mar 6, 2017 isjscowe

today I tell you how from internet marketer’s perspective to standardize a blog called a marketing perspective, it is to achieve a purpose of promotion, let others know about your blog, knowing your blog, it achieved the purpose of marketing. Today I want to talk about how to marketing a blog from two points. First, how to develop the blog keywords. The two is how to write blog content.

first is how to develop the blog keywords. Key words is very important for a blog, it is a key reason for the blog can achieve the purpose of marketing, here I want to give you a important point, don’t put the blog when the website, not to blog when the site planning. I have to give some examples here, such as my blog to me when it’s set a lot of keywords before me, this blog is website promotion, the results of it, I set the keywords, network marketing, network marketing, website planning, website promotion etc.. Here I will not say more, clever you must see that this is a website promotion blog, you can not set the key words, too much of it, and it is particularly clear, very confusing. You have to make it clear that it is very limited, it is not a website. For a small blog, it is too difficult to set so many key words. Not to mention a new blog. Therefore, I summed up a bit to locate the key words of the blog should be clear, the less the better. For example, my blog website promotion to the word, then I do website promotion, so I is the key word of description is website promotion, website promotion, website promotion planning etc.. In other words, I have always been around the site to promote the transfer. And I also set the column. So now my column name is now website promotion, website promotion optimization, website promotion planning, website promotion planning. This is very conducive to optimization. My personal view is the blog to do, need to focus on key words set a breakthrough, so as to achieve good results, as in the novel a shake martial arts trick one finger, it sets all the power on a finger, etc. to a certain time can release power.

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keyword is good, can not mean completely done, but also to do a good job of setting the content, content is king now, the content is also very important to set up. So today’s second topic is about the content of the blog. About the content of the blog I want to start with the title from the first, here we give an article for analysis, because I feel that the article for analysis to achieve the effect I want to express. This article follows the title "website promotion" is "what is what is the website promotion, website promotion, there are a lot of people on the website promotion what concept, think website promotion not very important, think website promotion is a simple step, what’s the big deal, in fact, it is an important process to make a site of resurrection, it is also an important part of the website finally win. It’s the terminator. Website push

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