Excessive marketing tool will hurt themselves

Mar 6, 2017 reseoyvd

marketing is now a rotten Street vocabulary, whether understand knowledgeable, or just entering the profession novice, everyone has their own set of ideas for marketing put the buddha. So you can see a lot of people talk about the blog marketing, but in marketing, to promote their own really is nothing? I think it is not so simple.

over marketing is actually overdrawn future

over network marketing is like a flood, he went all flooded, and have a good effect on this and not their own brand, the opposite will harm the potential customer interests, think about it, if you think others interfere with his normal life, but will you, then efforts not only made in vain your potential customers disappear, and the harm is not only for existing customers, it will spread to potential customers, when the market began to dislike your brand, means you have no space for development, so please think carefully, now do what network marketing is too much, otherwise harm. Give an inappropriate example, unfamiliar street is on the first stranger dating from home, and this strange friends interpreted by people more about guns, but for this kind of mixed words, Unfamiliar Street official did not come forward to clarify, but let this gimmick continue to exist for a long time, really let this marketing unfamiliar street in the young group, in the competition fiery social circle to gain a foothold, but the product label about guns growing long-term full of uncertainty.


like a flood, then another danger of excessive network marketing inevitable as beast general, this is because the word of mouth and the butterfly effect caused by the customer, don’t care about a customer’s aversion to these if ignored, will develop into a group of people, once a marketing expert said. When you lose a customer’s trust, like losing a forest, at this point, it is emphasized that if caused by the consequences of excessive marketing, this is like eating, if you eat too much will cause their discomfort, so for the customer is a truth, excessive will cause resentment. This program will establish brand awareness in the market since directly affect the enterprise for a long time, after all, is their marketing exposure in the public eye, is a form of both advantages and disadvantages, if excessive marketing, excessive exposure will amplify the shortcomings, and not too many benefits for brands.

regardless of Daniel or novice should master the marketing strategy

for Internet marketers, the most important thing is not excessive marketing, marketing is not endless, but moderate marketing, grasp the rhythm control, marketing rhythm, it is like a song, only the correct rhythm can make wonderful songs, their own small West Network in marketing is very attention to control, after all, is the enterprise pay attention to, not only more exposure, values and sense of trust in the building, so the people of Huizhou to build on the preferred site, the more we are carried out from practical action. Because in my opinion, not only to learn to stimulate the user’s interest through the rhythm of the marketing, but also

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