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Mar 6, 2017 ddmycvlj

brand marketing, is through the marketing to make the customer to the enterprise brand and product cognitive process, is the enterprise in order to obtain and maintain competitive advantage, must build a high quality marketing concept.

in this competitive era, there is no doubt that the majority of domestic commodity market has been in the " oversupply " situation. So as a new entrant to the market, how to open up their own market, improve their brand and make the brand sound?

but if you just follow the rules, failure is inevitable. Many companies and brands, while starting in the same field, have followed the basic logic of business, but the results will be very different development.

era of information, search engines use four hundred million users in the Internet every day of the process, to make your brand is well known, we must first make their products and services in the search engine to show the rise above the common herd.


noun analysis: SEO Chinese translation for search engine optimization". By means of optimization of the site optimization and interior modulation outside the station, the website search engine rankings included to meet the demand, improve the keywords ranking in the search engine, and the precise user to the site, get free traffic, direct sales or brand promotion.

The effect of

SEO to a certain extent depends on the level of the operator, how to use current news to do SEO, using a variety of methods to do keyword optimization.

two. Soft Wen promotion

said the soft content, should be the most familiar story, a nice little piece, in the best of spirits to see in the end but found ads, some really depressing. The more depressing is that it is really a good article to remove advertising, this is what we need to achieve the purpose of.

in the article summarize your experience, whether it is downsizing or entrepreneurship, the useful things summed up, the appropriate insert your product or website, will complement each other.

three. Thematic

special soft Wen is actually a special form of a soft writing and communication, through the establishment of a special web page in the media or website, so that a large number of retrieved from the internet. Is around the topic to be discussed, to organize knowledge and information, to add their own understanding, readability, fun, and greatly enhance the system.

theme of the soft text of the biggest competitiveness depends on its actual value, whether to teach the reader some of the knowledge of the system or push some useful information is critical. Don’t just talk about your product or project, which is often ignored by many people. In a soft Wen, it is best not to push their products, will appear relatively stiff. In this case, can be added to a number of non competitive products to foil.

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