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website construction, promote the growth of enterprises

website construction is the use of a variety of network design technology for enterprises and institutions, companies and individuals in the global Internet (Internet) to establish their own site and publish information. The website is to display its own corporate image, product information, grasp the market dynamics of the new platform, the new world, then we can open up new markets through e-commerce, to obtain significant revenue and profits with a small investment.

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enterprise website construction: to promote corporate image, expand the market, follow the trend of the times, to establish a new business management model, leading enterprises to enter the point in the business field: to provide better service for enterprise customers, strengthen the business and social contact information, improve internal management, improve operational efficiency.

network can bring enterprises regardless of geographical, regardless of the country’s large number of customers, with your unlimited business opportunities. The traditional marketing is to take the initiative to contact the customer, such as enterprises have their own websites, you can take the initiative to passive, let potential customers, by querying the business scope or area search to your web site (online search engine, the equivalent of the "Yellow Pages"), so as to get what they want, then by email or phone, fax to contact you, contributing to business.


web site construction mainly by the use of HTML language users to create static pages, and can not communicate with visitors, can only be referred to as "enterprise publicity page". With the development of technology, production site personnel using the database programming technology to develop a specific enterprise website program, can let an enterprise use this kind of construction mode, the enterprises themselves can not be used, this kind of construction mode, the enterprises themselves cannot update the content, update the content or layout are in need of professional personnel.

The second stage of

is full dynamic self service station

to help thought as the core technology of the site and service mode, the construction of the web content management system CMS is powerful, more and more people to participate in the content construction, which is the core technology of second generation station. Now most of the high-end web site or portal once adopted such a technology. Self help is a web site system, through this system can be a simple website. For example, now get back very get: typing will be built website. In fact, self-help Station


interconnection and exclusive

shared bandwidth is that there are a lot of servers sharing a bandwidth; at present, the domestic market share environment is usually 100M sharing, and is a cabinet to share this 100M bandwidth. The company’s 100M interworking share the bandwidth of each cabinet to strictly control the server in the 15-20 platform, and through the end of switching and routing equipment real-time monitoring of the bandwidth, to ensure the equal bandwidth for each user, and avoid the extremely individual server with network fault exception affect other users server bandwidth.


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