Foxconn electricity supplier to push WeChat shopping guide service said it would say

Mar 5, 2017 kpzhojlh

June 16th news, in the major electricity supplier to get ready for battle war 618, Foxconn’s 3C digital business platform, rich Internet launched a "3C Master" WeChat service in the end, provide professional advice on users to buy digital products.


Master rich networking service

it is understood that the rich networking through their official WeChat services, 3C Master provides online shopping guide service for users, consumers can not install other client, only need to input the questions in its official WeChat services, you can get 3C Master guidance.

3C Master provides recommendations on how to ensure the objective and fair, the rich networking, 3C Master is not selling advertising and bidding profit, so there is no problem with the manpower short ". And when the user does not understand some of the professional vocabulary of 3C products, 3C people will say "people", the professional knowledge with the user can understand the popular expression.

It is reported that

, rich networking to wearable device based smart watch festival will be launched in this month.

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