Hebei’s first domain name auction abortion yesterday

Mar 5, 2017 nejtztqx

newspaper news (reporter Li Chunwei, Liu Lipu, Zhang Yan trainee reporter Yuchi Guoli) yesterday, Japan should be in Hebei for the first time domain name auction Juchui auction date, but has no chance to lift: because no one signed up for auction, the auction will eventually announced liupai.

– the domain name auction crisis

domain name auction for the first time in Hebei province by the early a lot of attention, but yesterday, the reporters came to the auction auction site domain name head office, but found it desolate, because there is no registration according to the provisions of the auction, only announced liupai.

– the new value of things There’s no telling

auction and sponsors, but Ran Qingjun said it expected, Hebei people are conservative are the main factors liupai. Qin Limin, general manager of the provincial auction house also believes that the domain name belongs to the potential value, so the majority of investors to wait and see attitude. Domain names in Suzhou, northeast and other places have occurred, with the development of the network, the value of the domain name will eventually be reflected, but it may take some time.

– high price "qugaohegua"

is the name of a total of 19 to participate in the auction, the starting price of 1 million 430 thousand yuan in total, including mmmgold.com and mmmgold.net starting price up to 500 thousand yuan, and "south three", "Tai" domain name some starting price reached 30 thousand yuan. Reporters noted that these "cybersquatting" enterprises without a registration. The domain name auction is because of "highbrow"? Qin Limin said, the starting price may be a factor leading to the auction.

– lawyer reminded not to malicious cybersquatting

In an interview with

, the capital of a network of enthusiasts also expressed their views: the domain name registration in our province is not healthy market disorder, and many people holding flourishes mentality in the domain name registration market, and a few high success cases shot further malicious cybersquatting wind.

industry lawyers said, rational formal domain investment returns to many investors, speculative cybersquatting is not only probably nothing, but also may lead to a lawsuit. At present, China has a perfect domain name dispute settlement mechanism and relevant laws and regulations. According to the international conventions, such as the registered trademarks of others, people will be the name of the enterprise, such as the name of the civil rights registered by the domain name and his words, there is no corresponding civil rights registration, the purpose is not for proper use, is a great possibility that malicious.

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