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Mar 5, 2017 khmexore

domain name registration has been the IDC industry is not a topic most from last year, nearly out of control domain name registered to a later lawsuit to emerge in an endless stream this year the worst effects of telephone harassment. Even some operators with junk mail, fax and other harsh means to deceive consumers, some even registered domain name customers to raise the price and so on.

due to the low threshold of domain name proxy, so a large number of companies and individuals are operating in the domain name sales activities. The vast majority of non-standard behavior is the emergence of a number of small agents who. Suggested that consumers in the choice of domain name service providers, we must first understand whether the registered company is a regular company, do not be greedy petty gain, only to see the price is cheap, it is registered.

domain name as a trademark of the enterprise network, its importance to the enterprise does not mean that, but there is no trademark management so strict system to be protected, appears to be more confusing. There has been such as renewals can not find people, transfer, out of difficulties, not to the customer to do the analysis of abnormal phenomena. Disrupt the normal development of the Internet market.

domain name has been a topic of discussion. Before the customer if you want to transfer of the domain name, must be in the original registered dealer to roll out a year after renewal. In the face of such unfair treatment, no customer complaints. At present, this situation has been solved, CNNIC has issued a notice to the Registrar, as long as the domain name registered in the 60 days after the domain name before the expiration of 15 days, and there is no arrears or other dispute, the domain name holder can freely change registration services.

domain name is the development of the Internet industry’s most basic network products, due to the rapid development of information technology in recent years, the development of the network domain name is also a jump jump, the development of amazing speed. CNNIC the latest statistics show that as of the end of February 2008, China’s CN domain name registration has exceeded 10 million mark, registered scale to Germany DE domain name, through global ten million domain names list.

with the rapid development of China’s Internet industry, we have reason to believe that in the next few years, China’s Internet will become one of the main body of the world’s Internet, CN domain name will also become a global domain name. In addition, CN domain name is in full bloom in the domestic application. Now, CN domain name after the global mainstream, will also promote more companies with the CN domain name of this carrier, to build its brand on the global Internet network.

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