Small and medium enterprises to enter the low cost cloud computing into the best choice

Mar 5, 2017 khmexore


in recent years, e-commerce industry rapid development, more and more enterprises pay attention to the electricity supplier in the field; when the online shop in the mall, has been very difficult for many enterprises to launch the rise head and shoulders above others, independent store, want users to their store only buy their goods, rather than pick and choose cheaper options for similar goods.

at present, there are many similar ideas of enterprises, especially in the face of the traditional price of malicious peers or venture companies, more likely to choose independent mall. An obvious question is how small and medium enterprises to enter the field of electricity supplier


electricity supplier website survival criteria

no matter what the site, to determine the basic elements of user experience is: fast, safe and stable; when the site fast enough, enough, enough stable security, the user will further experience to the website, what the content of the products all the minor details.

for the electricity supplier website, the basic survival criterion is: faster, safer and more stable than peers.

domestic related research found that the Chinese Web site speed per second, slow down 11% of web browsing, user satisfaction decreased by, site conversion rate decreased by 7%. That is every day thousands of IP small business, website speed is two seconds slower than their peers, every day may lose a dozen single per 100 yuan, the direct loss of thousands of yuan.

In addition to

, the electricity supplier website data is more important than the ordinary site data, such as user information or account balance, hackers have long been the dream of the baby. If the site can not guarantee the safety and stability of the data, the user is not willing to register in your site, shopping, no user and how long the site’s development?

traditional way of getting confused

according to the traditional way into the independent electricity supplier in the field, the first step is to choose the domain name, the program, and then choose the host, virtual host, VPS seems to suck, the standard server to spend five thousand or six thousand yuan per year; again to select managers, IDC is only responsible for access to enterprises to find their own technical staff, is expected to cost fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan per year.

if the site to carry out promotional activities, the amount of traffic soared, bandwidth is occupied, do not increase the server?

if the site suffered DDOS or CC attacks, the server response is very slow, do you want to buy a firewall?


In the face of various

problems in small and medium business website There’s no telling the host to maintain the cost even close to one hundred thousand yuan per year, far more than the original budget, perhaps many small independent business will give up.

cloud computing into the best choice

cloud computing is a new concept in the past two years popular, is building a cloud server cluster, build the environment in the cloud, and then build the product from the environment, avoid physical host to the fault of the number >

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