Blue wheat electricity supplier E board listing ceremony held in Shanghai

Mar 5, 2017 hhasebcm

April 15th, Zhejiang blue wheat e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd equity trading center held in Shanghai E board listing ceremony, the equity code is 100606. Leaders from the relevant departments of the government sector, the capital sector, the business elite and the risk of a representative of the local businesses on behalf of a total of more than a hundred people witnessed this important moment.

April 15th, blue wheat electricity supplier in Shanghai equity trading center held E board listing ceremony

blue wheat electricity supplier developed rapidly

Zhejiang blue wheat e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as blue wheat electricity supplier, registered capital of 11 million 742 thousand and 500 yuan), founded in June 2014. The company’s core team with years of experience in e-commerce operations, adhering to the Internet to change the concept of agriculture in the future, to create a "B2C model core products Internet plus characteristic agriculture — take soil specialty platform. The company is a sole enterprise "Internet plus agriculture" dream town, in January successfully held the "2016 Internet plus special agriculture summit and take the specialty agriculture soil platform strategy conference, has attracted wide attention from the society.


take soil specialty platform, soil APP, soil at the mall and take WeChat earth take three Internet products. Take the fixed soil is "the most discerning specialty products division, development platform for the first brand Chinese specialty" target". From October 2015 officially launched by the end of 2015, a short period of time the earth take users has exceeded 200 thousand, turnover of nearly 4 million, the development of "Internet plus" in the field of entrepreneurship is amazing. The reason, the industry insiders believe that, when the huge demand for specialty products related to China, at least 300 billion of the annual volume of specialty products urgently need an excellent Internet platform to carry. It is also taking soil specialty platform from all walks of life including the capital side sit up and take notice.

April 15th, blue wheat electricity supplier in Shanghai equity trading center held E board listing ceremony

soil to take advantage of the platform was optimistic about

Founder of

as a platform to take native soil, Gao Lei at the meeting, a comprehensive analysis of the current rapid development of the Internet plus form and describes the earth take specialty platform is how to seize the opportunity to control the stable operation. For the future development of the company and its brand planning and the significance of the listing E board, he responded that its significance is huge. Not only can greatly improve the overall governance structure, and promote the development of blue wheat and soil more standardized development, but also conducive to the expansion of visibility, promote market development and sales growth, etc.. In the next step, blue wheat and soil take the specialty electricity supplier platform will continue to firmly grasp the "Internet plus agriculture", will be the best quality of agricultural products with "Internet plus" to the Chinese. Let unsalable agricultural products will be less and less, so that everyone can buy safe, healthy and high quality products.

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