Jingdong mall and Meizu technology reached 800 million yuan purchase agreement

Mar 5, 2017 hhasebcm


November 19th news, Jingdong mall announced today, with the smart phone maker Meizu technology signed 800 million yuan strategic procurement agreement, including the sale of a new generation of smart phones Meizu Jingdong.

According to reports, the

mall and Meizu technology cooperation, is the second in June 1st this year, Jingdong mall and Meizu technology cooperation in the electricity supplier channels deepen. Jingdong mall will become the future of the largest supply of mobile phone Meizu electricity supplier business.

according to the official disclosure of Jingdong, Jingdong mall 2007 mobile phone sales will exceed 30 million yuan, and in the next 3 years to grow at an annual rate of 300%. Zaino data show that in the category of mobile phone Jingdong proprietary B2C e-commerce market share has more than 70%. (Tao Chi)

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