The easiest way to buy a domain name from a website

Mar 5, 2017 khmexore

from the domain name to buy site the most simple method, here is the best method we do is the most popular, here is also very detailed, this is new taste. Just joined the novice webmaster look at it!

1, buy domain name.

The easiest way to buy the domain name

, is to spend money to find agents to buy, what are not, as long as the money to each other on the line, if it is ready to do long-term network, the best way is to buy their own online through online banking in million.

after buying the domain name, the other party or the system automatically to you open a domain name management platform account and password, this account and password is also useful, temporarily put. Note: novice to buy the domain name is best to buy a good reputation Taobao merchants also cheap 10 yuan Taobao purchase address:

2, buy space.

to buy space, the other side need to ask you how many domain names, and then bind you to the space. Open space, give you a space of IP.

3, to log in to your domain name management platform, and then the domain name to the IP.

4, upload the program to the root directory.

5, waiting for domain name resolution is successful, then you can visit the site. For example (QQ net name 9 station

tips: want to buy a space space! I suggest you buy a 100MB on the line! Not much space! But to see what you do to the station! Some stations to the space station! Do I recommend Taobao to buy a 40 yuan of space on the line. I bought this address several good reputation! Here is a download website source content well, change their own can be uploaded to your space! If you really can’t do if you come to me, I’ll give you a novice class up! Do this station is not so much space! High speed and space may be a problem! I only recommend buying a fast line, not much space, if you want bigger space can also buy a Taobao.

1, domain name resolution, access to the domain name, it is equivalent to the door of the server.

2, domain name space, that is as long as the name of the guests, automatically to bring into this folder, DNS is connected to the visitors on the server, then the space is bound to the website server folder.

3, the domain name of how to do ah? This is the background of the domain name, look at the study to see, A-A this is the resolution.

4, how much time it takes to parse? Generally 0-24 hours, how to determine the domain name has been resolved successfully on your own machine – Start >

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