High imitation APP can not be a new way to Taobao customers

Mar 5, 2017 cyxnjljp

to join Taobao passenger car industry to orange collar, after the first pure home shopping guide, even to the integrated portal shopping network, and then to the rise of the rebate network model; large area experienced by K station, the weight of suffering stand is very unstable, facing the last meal does not necessarily have a meal the webmaster, is really not easy.

this is a continuous change in the market to adapt to the industry, the core of Taobao has not changed, one to buy a sell, but his way of life has undoubtedly experienced too many changes. Taobao customers in the form of diversification is its characteristics, the development of mobile Internet is to promote the development of such changes. In the face of today’s most popular APP, Taobao customers naturally start to be strong.

in the APP market competition, we see there are two forms, and one of these two forms of support and approval of the author, and the other is not optimistic attitude, perhaps this is an arbitrary. Let’s look at it together.

the first kind of APP, these Taobao customers continue to form a comprehensive class portal shopping guide, can also be said to be the end of the Internet Taobao customer to move the end of the transfer. This type of APP retains the original style and mode of operation, or in the original type and content of the new, in order to adapt to the new needs of consumers and constantly changing. We say that this category is desirable, because the result of this kind of friendly and sustainable development is a focus on the concept of product and consumer experience.

second APP, the APP is directly taken to the existing electricity supplier God copycat model, taobao.com official website APP named "Taobao", and this kind of APP with title "Taobao online shopping", taobao.com icons and other methods to apply, in order to confuse the attention of consumers. Users do not pay attention to the use of easy to download, so as to bring benefits to developers.

but in terms of interests, the second kinds of APP will obviously enjoy a certain brand advantage than the first, because they are near the electricity supplier companies, non rich that is expensive". Some people say that this is not bad, earn a vote is a vote, it is so much. Indeed, the current APP market management has not yet been standardized, so that APP is easy to succeed, but it is also easy to be used by some people, the way to harm the interests of users. For example, the implantation of the background program, defrauding value-added fees, etc.. In the long run, this is a field that will certainly be standardized, not a long-term way of life, that is, unsustainable development.

In addition to

, people who want to do their products are good, can bring benefits for themselves, but also for users to bring benefits and happiness. This is one of the highest business philosophy, but also a good starting point for the development of enterprises or companies. To adapt to industry, rooted in the industry, and in the industry to make a career, I believe that many people are struggling, eager for success dream. Therefore, we say that APP must be a new way to develop Taobao passenger, but high imitation APP is not. This article Admin5 first, please remember us >

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