New international domain name breaking million ranked the world’s top 15

Mar 5, 2017 spiqldfx

from the birth of DNS in 1985 to the first international domain name was born in 1984, the Internet based services industry has gone through 24 years. Beijing, as the first batch of ICANN registrar qualification (, by virtue of excellent quality for a long time, for our customers to provide domain name registration, virtual host, e-mail, VPS and independent hosting hosting and other related services in the vast number of consumers recognize and trust with the support of the rapid development and expansion. The new network has been in the country set up 30 branches, with more than 10000 core channel partners, to support the normal operation of the domestic 40% sites at the same time, to provide basic information application service professional for more than 1 million domestic enterprises.

ox again came to new, good news: on February 2009 shows foreign statistics agency report, Beijing international domain name ownership has exceeded one million mark, ranked the world’s top 15 ranked list, Chinese head.





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