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Mar 5, 2017 yulqsfbv

According to Alibaba

group yesterday zero data released this year, double its eleven online shopping platform trading volume reached 57 billion 100 million yuan, a total of 217 countries and regions of the users involved, produced a total of 278 million logistics orders, refresh the global online retail record.

eleven tells us that China is not without the potential for consumption and spending power, the key is to take what methods and measures to activate it and dig out. If you make good use of this potential, not only will play a huge role in promoting the entire new economy of the Internet, and even to stimulate domestic demand to stimulate China’s economic growth can play a huge effect.

of course, we also need to focus on after the double eleven this node is not all the electricity supplier website will flow down, and enter a week and a half months of silence, the recovery period? Consumers will eventually become more rational, if not as soon as possible from the current eleven do not pay attention to the quality of the data entered into the brush, brush presence to enhance the user experience of the competition, it is difficult to say today as an emerging industry of the electricity supplier will not go on the traditional business gradually decline into old.

– Ma Guangyuan


double eleven this virtual holiday seems to have become China’s online shopping carnival.

in the rapid economic growth, emerging industries continue to receive the gold opportunity Chinese, the rise and fall of every industry seems to have a break the normal procedure logical thinking. In particular, the emerging e-commerce industry, it seems difficult to use the law of the normal deconstruction. More than and 10 years of development history shows that the electricity supplier retail market has become China’s fastest growing industry.

however, behind the beautiful data and double eleven shopping carnival, the retail industry is Chinese network fierce price competition and competition pattern of serious convergence leads to weak competitiveness. In the network shopping has been normalized today, most China electricity supplier still obsessed with Japanese holiday carnival, not aware of online shopping has become a part of many Chinese of daily life, many business competitive strategy still remain in the industry just when the rise of low-cost strategy and short-term promotion.

due to long-term price war, the retail industry China network has no opportunity to create differentiated business model, the customer experience, service quality, logistics and information technology and other aspects of American counterparts have a larger gap. In each double eleven, for example, although the sales receipt is extremely impressive, but at the same time there are a large number of businesses reap huge financial black hole.

on the other hand, due to the concentration of shopping, payment and platform system has been a huge test. For daily trading volume in accordance with the design of the system and logistics, the storm will be increased by tens of times the flow is bound to cause congestion or even paralysis, so that the system overwhelmed. As the China Internet data center founder Hu Yanping said: "this is the wave of the discount season, to ignite the irrational consumption way, baking Chinese e-commerce development mature."

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