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Mar 5, 2017 nejtztqx

news August 15th, the domestic pharmaceutical business platform 1 days ago announced the official drug network and mobile medical platform spring doctor cooperation. The two sides said they will focus on the health management of chronic disease users, the initial cooperation is expected in August 15th or so on-line.

1 drug network responsible person, the 1 drugs network will rain doctors "air hospital" section to provide fast drug service (as of press time, billion state power network noted that the purchase entrance has been on the line); and the rain doctor will also join the 1 medicine network connection medical section, providing professional medical professionals inquiry purchase guide service.

(photo: Spring doctor "fast consumers access to the 1 drug network)

1 medicine network relevant responsible person said, the two sides cooperate, through the 1 drugs online sale of drugs and doctors rain light interrogation platform, both "medical" and "medicine", set up user communication, management to pharmaceutical service platform.

not long ago, the rain doctor just on the line of the interrogation open platform, free for the needs of the hardware manufacturers, App, website, WeChat public access online inquiry service of rain doctor. According to the doctors rain, rain doctors need to download the standalone App no future users can also access the online inquiry service platform for any rain doctors, enjoy online inquiry service. It can be seen that a progress of 1 drugs is the opening inquiry service network.

this is not the first time the doctor and pharmaceutical electricity providers. According billion state power network to understand, as early as last year, and have good rain doctors pharmacists, medicine and other pharmaceutical business jingle soon reached a cooperation.

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