Taking the micro Shuabing stripping fake MLM is what

Mar 5, 2017 fuhunxpj

future micro business must belong to the big brands, it must be the whole channel. The number of people playing fast in the micro business today, if you do not return the product itself, not the brand idea of playing micro business, certainly not far away.


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just a few months time, micro business had been optimistic about the many people, but because the "pyramid", in order to become a street rat, people cry.

day before, an article entitled "Ma Huateng: WeChat key support micro business development, there will be three major initiatives to" the crazy pass in the industry, Gong Wenxiang V this article were forwarded, and comment on this statement: Ma Huateng said, let this year on the popular micro business for more than 10 times growth. "WeChat micro business", this is obviously not in conformity with the consistent style of Tencent in the industry rumors can spread so that micro business groups raise a Babel of criticism of, influential.

however, shortly after micro-blog issued this, Gong Wenxiang was strongly condemned by the Tencent staff, is a direct attack on "please do not spread rumors"; shattered, also reflects the micro business although popular is not recognized by the outside world situation.

return to the nature of business: micro business really only MLM it?

put on Internet plus

pyramid coat

from the beginning of last year, taking micro forces almost overnight penetration times on both sides of the Changjiang River. Data show that the current number of practitioners have exceeded the 10 million mark, and is still growing rapidly. In the first batch of more successful micro business brand’s appeal, more and more entrepreneurs to join the micro business.

NetEase technology survey, the vast majority of micro manufacturers have adopted the multi-level proxy mode similar to pyramid schemes, this way to cater to the public desire to get rich quick mentality, but ultimately it is a typical Ponzi scheme.

unofficial data show that the micro business is to sell 80% mask, the micro business is the female of the 80%, which is dominated by family women. Therefore, the NetEase of science and technology and a mask brand "direct sale" Ozuki (a pseudonym) made contact.

is a small city Xiaoyue housewife, last year, a friend introduced her to become a mask brand of "direct sale", the circle of friends are often found in the "real good conscience mask, detoxification, whitening, moisturizing, moisturizing, skin rejuvenation, iced repair, inhibit melanin, dilute the pox and India……" Mask such ads; in the advertising, but was repeatedly No one shows any interest in black under the condition of many of my friends, I spend thousands of yuan to purchase a batch of goods, in order to reach the index, become the brand three agents.

told the NetEase reporter Xiaoyue technology, operate their own mask factory price is 50 yuan / box, the general agent to get the goods sold after an agent is 80 yuan / box, an agent to sell 110 yuan / box two agents, two agents and 140 yuan to sell three agents, and >

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